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MoRe Mobile Ressourcen GmbH

Temp Staff Business of Credit Experts

The MoRe Mobile Resources GmbH supports banks, insurance companies and financial investors by availability of Temp Staff of mortgage professionals, both within projects as well as for temporary capacity increase of loan departments replying volatile workloads in the fields of underwriting and primary servicing.
Availability is for short-term missions for special projects (e.g. preparation/post-processing of § 44 KWG audits) as well as for long-term in-house mandates with up to 30 employees.
With an average of more than 12,500 man-days per year in conjunction with Hypotheken Management GmbH the MoRe Mobile Resources GmbH offers mortgage market participants additional room to maneuver their operational business and enables companies of LOANCOS Group further scalability of services offered along the mortgage value chain.